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The two brothers Lucas und Wilton Porter (USA) had already achieved one victory and two second places so far in the International Show Jumping at the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTER. Today the success story continued with another victory, because no one was able to beat Lucas Porter in the  GLOCK’s 2* Tour over 1.45 m.

Der Name Porter bürgt für Erfolg! Lucas Porter (USA) und B Once Z entschieden die GLOCK’s 2* Tour für sich und nahmen die Glückwünsche von Franz-Peter Bockholt (Sports Director GHPC) entgegen. © GHPC / studiohorst
The name Porter is a guarantee of success! Lucas Porter (USA) and B Once Z triumphed in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour and accepted Franz-Peter Bockholt’s (Sports Director GHPC) congratulations. © GHPC / studiohorst

He managed a perfect round with his agile Zangersheide mare B Once Z and the time of 65.25 seconds was plenty for first place. “Today my horse made the difference”, said the younger of the two Porter brothers. “She’s extremely fast, careful and it’s easy to take tight turns with her. She did a perfect job.” Were the winner’s words of praise for his horse.

B Once Z sprang unter dem Sattel von Lucas Porter (USA) zum Sieg in der GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa
B Once Z, under Lucas Porter’s (USA) saddle, jumped to victory in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Louise Whitaker (GBR) and nine-year-old Ruby VIII, daughter of Balou du Rouet, also did a perfect job. The duo from the United Kingdom came second in 66.60 seconds without penalties. Third place went to Sweden’s Erica Swartz with her KWPN gelding Vincente, in a time of 67.58 seconds.

Mit Ruby VIII belegte Louise Whitaker (GBR) Platz zwei in der GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa
With Ruby VIII, Louise Whitaker (GBR) took second place in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa

Duos Kathrin Weinberger (AUT/St) on Axel 7 (0/73.37) and Alice Janout (AUT/NÖ) on Wodka Lime (0/73.62) represented Austria in sixth and seventh places.

Der dritte Platz in der GLOCK’s 2* Tour war heute für Erica Swartz (SWE) und Vincente reserviert. © Michael Rzepa
Third place in today’s GLOCK’s 2* Tour was reserved for Erica Swartz (SWE) and Vincente. © Michael Rzepa
Für Kathrin Weinberger (AUT/St) und Axel 7 wurde es in der GLOCK’s 2* Tour heute Platz sechs. © Michael Rzepa
For Kathrin Weinberger (AUT/St) and Axel 7, today it was to be sixth place in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa
Die Niederösterreicherin Alice Janout und Wodka Lime holten Rang sieben in der GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa
Alice Janout from Lower Austria and Wodka Lime took seventh place in the GLOCK’s 2* Tour. © Michael Rzepa

12 – GLOCK’s 2* Tour
Int. jumping competition against the clock 1.45 m
1. B Once Z – Porter, Lucas (USA) 0/65,25
2. Ruby VIII – Whitaker, Louise (GBR) 0/66,60
3. Vincente – Swartz, Erica (SWE) 0/67,58
4. Quintia – Gordon, Elliott (GBR) 0/70,16
5. Broadway – Mytilineou, Hannah (GRE) 0/72,37
6. Axel 7 – Weinberger, Kathrin (AUT/St) 0/73,37
7. Wodka Lime – Janout, Alice (AUT/NÖ) 0/73,62
8. Stanley 151 – Buller, Evie (AUS) 0/73,86
9. Mon Ame II -– Mytilineou, Ioli (GRE) 1/74,80
10. Dyango Vdl – Tepper, Suzanne (NED) 1/75,51
11. Charmeur – Aufrecht, Pia-Luise (GER) 1/76,16
12. Delphi – Seydoux, Florence (SUI) 1/77,33