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Wilton J. Porter older brother of Lucas Porter has recently been on the ball with his show jumping career between managing his time with school and showing professionally. Wilton, the real-deal Texas-ian has focused his life-long dream of showing professionally for the rest of his life and is determined to pursue it. One of the most sweetest guys I have ever got to speak to has explained to me all the details of how he keeps up with his social life, academic-life in school, and future career.

It’s all about time management, Wilton explained. He informed me that he’s been doing this for quite a while now, in fact, for years. He’s found a balance that works for him perfectly and he’s always sort of stuck to that routine. Lucas (younger brother of Wilton) has also been trying to find his balance for he as well is coming up within the sport. Speaking to Wilton about his career you can hear how greatly passionated he is about the sport. The best part is, he has a well-supportive family that has his back and a well group of friends cheering him on.

Busy-bee Wilton has a full schedule this fall for the indoor season and will mostly be working on individual events rather than any team-work events. In about a few weeks, both brothers will be headed to the Hampton Classic in Southhampton, New York. September, Wilton will be continuing his stay in New York but headed to North Salem for the Gold Cup! In October, comes the PA Nationals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Then later in November comes both the Washington International Horse Show in DC then the National Horse Show in Lexington, Kentucky. Throughout this adventure, Wilton has precisely got it down jam-packed to the last hour/second.

I have asked a semi-personal question to Wilton and that was: What rituals, so to speak, do you do or must have before showing? He revealed his answer to me and it is the Texas belt around his waist he’ll wear for almost every show. Any chance to get to represent where he came from, he’ll take it. Texas is a big part of his life, it’s where he grew up and where the Sleepy P Ranch LLC is located. Texas will continue to always have a place in his heart and brings his belt everywhere with him. Another most-important non-ritual, just for fun before showing he explains is hanging with Lucas if he’s there at the show. Wilton says that it’s nice to have his little brother by his side and have the same interest as he does. Nothing like brotherly-love!

Sleepy P Ranch LLC is the Porter’s family owned equestrian show jumping training, sales, boarding and competition stable. Wondering how the name came about? Funny you ask that because we wondered the same thing! Wilton mentions that around the area in Texas in which they lived, were a bunch of barns with names such as Lazy Q or Lazy R. Their mom Suzanne Porter did not want to follow the trend and came up with a synonym that derived from the word lazy so, Sleepy came into play. When the ‘P’ from Sleepy P was explained I was in total shock by how completely obvious that was and not even a thought in my mind did I ever think it was their last name initial! The ‘P’ in Sleepy P came from their last name Porter! Incredible, right?